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Explore The Magic Of Seichim Healing

Dive into the ancient healing wisdom of Seichim, a profound hands-on healing system that traces its roots to Egypt. It is believed to have been channeled in the Kings Chamber of the Great Pyramid, making it a potent energy healing modality that transcends time.

Balancing the Feminine Energies 

What sets Seichim apart is its focus on the feminine aspect of our being. In the embrace of Seichim, we realign with the energies of twelve divine goddesses, known as the twelve pillars of light. These powerful archetypes, including Isis, Mary Magdalene, Quan Yin, Aurora, Seven Sisters of Pleides, Saint Brigid, Aphrodite, Lady Venus, Lady Nada, Lady Vesta, impart their unique gifts to balance and harmonize our energy body.


Healing from the Inside Out 

Seichim is a journey from the spiritual to the physical, unlocking blockages that may manifest as stress, anxiety, or self-doubt. As the energy gracefully flows through your auric body, chakras, and physical form, it gently facilitates healing, promoting a profound release and shift.


The Seichim Experience 

During a Seichim treatment, you'll find yourself embraced by a serene setting. Whether lying on a massage table or seated, clothed comfortably, you'll experience the gentle touch or hovering hands of the Seichim practitioner. Sensations may vary, from pressure to tingling, reflecting the unique response of your energy body.


Learn the Art of Seichim 

If the enchantment of Seichim calls to you, delve deeper through our Seichim First Degree course. Immerse yourself in the symbols, history, and lineage of Seichim. Discover the gifts of the twelve pillars of light and learn suggested hand positions for self-treatment and full sessions. Receive a manual, lineage, certificate, and attunement, opening the doors to this transformative healing art.


Embrace Balance, Empower Healing 

Seichim is more than a healing modality; it's a journey into self-care and empowerment. Perfectly complementing other healing practices, it stands as a powerful tool to balance and realign our energy bodies, allowing us to heal from within and radiate that healing outward.


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