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I have followed a belief in Reiki for several years. In early 2016 I met Lee-Anne at the Jasmine Sky Wellness Centre and had a series of Reiki sessions with her. In late June 2016, with Lee-Anne as my Reiki Master, I attained my First Degree Reiki. With daily practise for the next 18 months Reiki has helped me through a major knee operation as well as many personal/family issues. This year, again with Lee-Anne as my Reiki Master I attained Second Level Reiki. This has taken my Reiki to a whole new level. I love doing distance Reiki healings, and Reiki/massage for my husband.


Lee-Anne’s book – Why? Why Not? – is wonderfully written and a good resource to remind me that I can do anything I want – I just need to believe in myself.


Although I still struggle daily with self-belief and clearing my negativity,  I try to follow through with full moon healing and new moon wishes.


The Jasmine Sky Wellness Centre is a wonderful space and Lee-Anne offers many modalities to suit anyone of us searching for a purpose.


My journey with Reiki began very serendipitously over 7 years ago. I was in a craft shop with my brother who was visiting me. After a little time he noticed the shop front opposite. He decided to investigate. It turns out to be the clinic of Reiki Master Lee-Anne. After chatting to her, he returned to me exclaiming that lady is a Reiki Therapist, you should talk to her! Believing she could help me. He had been attuned formerly, and had faith in Reiki and ability to heal.


My Story:  I am in my late 70 s and was diagnosed with Peripheral Neuropathy over 7 years ago, although my symptoms had begun years before. I was now starting to feel more advanced symptoms and had declined the medication offered. The physical effects of Peripheral Neuropathy: numbness, in feet,  lowers legs muscle weakness lowers legs. Also hands are effected.  Over time walking becomes is progressive and can effect other organs effected by Peripheral nervous system. This is general. Each person can be effected differently. 


I started weekly treatments not as a "cure" but to be a complimentary support treatment. Mainly to calm my nervous system. At first my treatments didn't really change much. From my perspective, never having experienced Reiki before. After 7 years I can definitely say it' works on me.  When in the care of Lee-Anne if feel safe, and cocooned, away from the world.  As treatment comes and end to feel my "dead old legs" come  filled with energy is wonderful! 


I put faith in the healing benefits of touch! Jesus and his disciples did just that!  I believe in God and his gift of Faith to us to heal one another through His Spirit. With Loving intent the therapist can bring  healing. Not always cure, but health for mind and spirit


Lee-Anne invited me to be attuned to her, 

Which I received with humble thanks.  A beautiful candlelit ceremony, together with my book of Reiki.  This would encourage me to use at home . 


2019   I continue my almost weekly treatment. No cure for condition, but her skill, compassion and love keep me returning. .....


During my three months of chemotherapy for breast cancer I received daily distance Reiki and weekly hands on Reiki from Lee-Anne. My experience of chemotherapy was physically very demanding as I experienced most of the long list of side effects. Both the distance and hands on Reiki helped me to cope and continue to the end of treatment. Despite the physical demands, Lee-Anne’s distance Reiki helped me to stay balanced, at peace and positive. I was able to feel loved and supported and this helped me to be with, rather than fight against my physical symptoms. I am convinced that the regular


Reiki throughout treatment also helped me to detox quickly after the chemotherapy ended, restoring my physical health and well-being. I would highly recommend Reiki, either hands on or distance, for anyone experiencing physical illness or emotional or soulful distress. Lee-Anne is a powerful practitioner with a wealth of experience with distance Reiki and its application. I recommend her not only as a client, but as a highly respected fellow Reiki practitioner, from whom I continue to receive regular Reiki sessions to this day.


I have recently completed the Project Lotus Mentoring Program online through Jasmine Sky Wellness Centre. Absolutely wonderful informative course and Lee-Anne is such a great teacher . The course has enriched my life so much and I’m so glad I had the opportunity to do Lee-Anne’s Project Lotus . Thoroughly recommend. 

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