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My Journey (2003 to the Present)

Welcome. My name is Lee-Anne Preddy-Ryman this part of my journey started in 2003 when I attended a Basic Feng Shui Course, during the course I met a lady who lived in the same town as I and offered a weekly meditation class at her home. I attended the weekly class for ten years in which time I was introduced to a variety of topics and techniques that could help to bring balance into my life. Some I resonated with some not.

One technique that I have found particularly meaningful is Reiki. I began my journey in 2004 by becoming attuned to Reiki First and Second Degrees, and on February 8th, 2005, I became a Reiki Master. Later that year, I was fortunate enough to travel to Mt Kurama, Kyoto and Tokyo, Japan, where I visited the birthplace of Reiki, as well as Mikao Usui's memorial stone. My thirst for knowledge and personal growth has driven me to continue studying and expanding my knowledge base ever since.

Driven by a desire to share what I had learned and experienced with others, I founded Jasmine Sky Wellness Centre in February 2012, offering wellness treatments and workshops.

In April 2015, I released my first book, Why? Why Not?, which offers guidance on how to get the most out of yourself and your life through fifteen best practices. The book has since been revised and incorporated into my online workshop, the Project Lotus Mentoring Program, and also as a two day in person immersion where I incorporate a healing modality as well.

Since November 2016, I have been presenting wellness courses at the WEA Illawarra at their Wollongong and Shellharbour facilities. In May 2017, I released a meditation album to complement the book, offering short, targeted meditations for beginners.

In September 2017, I published my Intuitive Guidance Card Deck with Love & Write Publishing, and presented three workshops at the Mind, Body Spirit Festival in Sydney, October 2017 and May 2018 on Intuition, based around the deck.

Furthering my studies of energy therapies, I became a Seichim Practitioner in November 2017, and completed my Seichim Master training in January 2018. Seichim is an energy therapy that originated in Egypt and works on both the spiritual and physical body. In March 2019, I began teaching Seichim First Degree Workshops.


In June 2019, I completed my Karuna Reiki® Practitioner/Master Teacher training, which is another modality that I can use in my treatments and teach to other Reiki Masters. In July 2019, I began working with Nicole on SLC, an exciting new healing modality that has now grown into three individual modules.


In February 2020, I traveled to Egypt to deepen my understanding of Seichim, visiting the Great Pyramid where Seichim originated, traveling the Nile, and visiting historical sites, including the Isle Of Philae - Isis's temple. Isis is one of the 12 pillars of Light, the feminine energies that make up Seichim.


In May 2021, I added O Breath Facilitator to my growing list of modalities that I can offer to others. Breathwork is a powerful therapy that can help release trauma stored in the physical and emotional body by using an individual's breath. October 2022 I started my Level 2 facilitator training.


In February 2022, Jasmine Sky Wellness Centre celebrated its ten-year anniversary and launched our online mentoring programme, Project Lotus Mentoring Program. The Program consists of ten live 1-hour zoom sessions, and you can find more information on our blog post.


In March 2022, Reiki turned 100, and I finished my second book, Reiki - A Healing Journey For Everyone. The book provides insights into my Reiki journey, Reiki history and principles, as well as some of my clients' stories. You can still pick up the e-book for free in the blog section before it's published.

2023 finds me studying once again, as I am always looking for new modalities to help my clients. The second half of 2023 I will be looking at launching a YouTube Channel called  Healing With Lee-Anne…stay tuned. 


My Achievements 

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