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Project Lotus Mentoring Program

What would you say? If I told you, I can show you simple techniques that can be incorporated into your daily routine that can help change your life.


Most of the time people respond with “oh I can’t do that”, or “that won’t work”. Really? Why? The answer could be as simple as it being an automated response because we are conditioned that only certain qualified people can help with your well-being or the harder it is the better it will work. 


The techniques that I teach in Project Lotus do work, and they are stripped right back so that it makes it easier to incorporate them into your daily routine. I personally have been using them for over eighteen years and teaching them as individual workshops at the centre for the last ten years.


The first three weeks we look at releasing, and clearing negativity. You cannot move forward if you keep holding on to the past. 


Then we take a look at the physical body, the seven main chakra’s. The energy centres what are they, and which body parts correlates to what chakra? As well as looking into the energy healing modality Reiki and how it can help with stress, anxiety, depression, reducing pain in the body and more.


The last part of Project Lotus looks at self-belief, affirmations, intuition, different manifesting techniques that can be used to bring what you want into your life. I introduce you to the Archangels and explain which archangel can help with specific situations. For example Archangel Michael can help with protection, Archangel Raphael healing. I take you through a guided meditation where you can meet your spirit guide or angel. Lastly, we take a look at crystals and how their individual vibration can help you. 


During our one hour weekly zoom call, we will cover the topic of the week, participate in a guided meditation and there will be time to answer any questions. Plus you’ll receive a couple of special bonus gifts.


Limited places.

Bookings are required Ph 0407 166 259 or email

Investment $333.00 (payment plans are available upon request)

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