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Seichim is a powerful hands on healing system that originated in Egypt, in the Kings Chamber of the Great Pyramid in 1980. It has been referred to by many names Sekhem, Skhm, Universal Sechem and Reiki Seichim.


Seichim balances and realigns the feminine aspect of our being. It takes you back to your very core, enfolding you in the energy of the goddesses, known as the twelve pillars of light. 


Working with the twelve pillars of light, Isis - Mary Magdalene -Mother Mary -Anna -Quan Yin -Aurora - Seven Sisters of Pleiades - St Bridget - Aphrodite - Lady Venus -Lady Nada and  Lady Vesta. The twelve archetypes of the Divine feminine each bringing their own gifts and strengths. 


Seichim allows you to heal from the spiritual level down to the physical. As it flows into the auric body, chakras and physical body, helping you to gently heal by releasing blocks. Blocks that may be causing you stress, depression, anxiety, self doubt or holding you in a repetitive pattern stopping you from moving forward.



At Jasmine Sky Wellness Centre we are qualified to offer Seichim treatments and teach Seichim First Degree and Seichim Master level. I was attuned to Seichim Master level in January 2018 and have been teaching Seichim since 2019.



How often can I receive a treatment? Everyday seichim is energy. 

What can I expect during a seichim treatment?

During a treatment you are laying on a massage table, or seated on a chair if you are unable to hop onto the table. Fully dressed except for your shoes. A light blanket is placed on you. During the treatment the seichim practitioner will either gently place their hands on you or hover them above you. Depending on your physical ailments and why you have decided on a treatment you could  experience one or all of the following sensations, pressure, tingling, pulsing, pulling or even a release( a shift in the body). 



In Seichim First Degree you will be introduced to the twelve pillars of light and their gifts, the seichim first degree symbols the Infinity Symbol, the Spiral Symbol and the Tam-A-Ra-Sha. We also cover the history, lineage suggested hand positions for a self treatment and suggested hand positions for a full treatment. You will receive a manual, lineage, certificate and attunement. 

Investment $275.00 per person


Seichim Master Level - Information available on request


Bookings are required Oh 0407166259 or email

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