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Women's Healing Circle

Full Moon

Did you know that you can use the full moon’s energy to release?

Are you looking for change but become frustrated when nothing seems to be happening? Could it be that you are still carrying around emotional past hurts and limiting patterns with you? Or could it be the opinions of others that are keeping you stuck? Before we can move forward we have to release all that is stopping you.  Did you know you can use the powerful energy of the full moon to help you with releasing and forgiveness? Forgiveness? Yes, if we are carrying around situations that caused us emotional pain every time we think about it we experience the emotion associated with it being good or bad. Then we can become angry, frustrated or play the blame game. Blaming ourself for letting it happen. We cannot change the past, but we can change the way it will effect us going forward, and if you can forgive then you release the karmic lesson associated to it. 


New Moon

New moons are for manifesting bringing our deepest desires into our life. New-moon wishes are another form of manifestation. New moon wish lists can be made monthly or whenever you feel you need a little help. On the wish list, you write down what you would like in your life, and then you give it to the moon or universe and watch your desires manifest. The symbolism with giving your wishes to the new moon is your wishes are released on the night of the new moon when there is only a sliver of the moon visible, as the moon grows from a sliver to full, so do your wishes. 


Our  Women’s Healing Circle is a place where women can come together each month to release or manifest what is needed by using the moon cycles through list writing, meditation and O breathwork. 


Investment: $30.00 per person (per healing circle)

Bookings are required Ph 0407166259 or email

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