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Project Lotus Online Workshop

Welcome to Project Lotus — an immersive 4-week, 1-hour live, weekly online workshop tailored for beginners and newly awakened souls seeking guidance and holistic techniques to kickstart their transformative journey. Led by the author of "Why? Why Not?", this workshop is a gentle introduction to self-discovery and empowerment.

For the Beginner and Newly Awakened:


Discover Self-Care Techniques:

  • Learn foundational releasing techniques using sage and holy water to clear negativity.

  • Embrace simple yet powerful emotional release practices through meditation, releasing lists, and journaling.

  • Dive into beginner-friendly manifesting techniques, including new moon wish lists, meditation, visualization, and affirmations.

Explore Physical Well-Being:

  • Uncover the basics of energy healing and breathwork for physical vitality.

  • Journey through the seven main chakras, understanding their associated body parts, colors, and sounds in a beginner-friendly manner.

  • Gain an introduction to the enchanting world of crystals, learning different formations and easy techniques for cleansing and programming.

Initiate Spiritual Growth:

  • Begin strengthening your intuition through accessible practices.

  • Receive guidance on connecting with archangels for support.

  • Explore beginner-friendly signs, such as number patterns and animals, and decode the messages they hold.

Guided by the Author:

Your journey is led by Lee-Anne Preddy-Ryman the author of "Why? Why Not?"—a compassionate guide who understands the needs of those taking their first steps on the path of awakening.

Building Your Foundation:

This workshop provides a supportive space for beginners, offering foundational tools to navigate challenges and maintain balance in your daily life.

How to Begin:

Embark on this transformative journey with Project Lotus designed specifically for beginners and newly awakened souls. Sign up now to start your holistic exploration.


  • Duration: 4 weeks

  • Frequency: 1 hour per week

  • Platform: Live Online Zoom Sessions

  • Led by: Author of "Why? Why Not?" Lee-Anne Preddy-Ryman 

  • Investment: $111.00 AUD (early bird price)

  • Dates & Times: 

  • Monday 15th July - Monday 5th August 7:30pm AEDT

  • Monday 7th October - Monday 28th October 7:30pm AEDT

  • Monday 6th January 2025 - Monday 27th January 7:30pm AEDT

Embrace the beginning of your awakening journey with Project Lotus. Sign up and let the transformation unfold!

Click here to book today.

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