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Online New Moon Manifestation & Healing Gathering

Step into the powerful energy of the New Moon with our transformative Monthly Online New Moon Manifestation & Healing Gathering. Join me in harnessing the potential of the new lunar cycle—a time associated with manifestation and bringing forth your deepest desires.

Journey of Manifestation:


Set Intentions with List Writing:

    • Utilize the energy of the New Moon to set clear and powerful intentions for the upcoming lunar cycle.

    • Engage in focused list-writing exercises to articulate your desires and goals.

  • Guided Meditation for Alignment:

    • Immerse yourself in a guided meditation designed to align your energies with the vibrational frequencies of manifestation.

    • Connect with the cosmic forces that support the realization of your dreams.

  • Energy Healing for Manifestation:

    • Conclude the session with a transformative 20-minute energy healing treatment.

    • Channel the heightened energy of the New Moon to enhance the manifestation of your intentions.

How It Works:

  • Virtual Gathering

    • Connect with a community of like-minded individuals in a virtual space, creating a collective energy that magnifies the manifestation process.

  • Monthly Manifestation Ritual:

    • This gathering aligns with each New Moon, providing a regular and sacred space for your manifestation and healing journey.

    • Consistent practice amplifies the potency of your intentions.

  • Frequency: 1 hour per month

  • Platform: Live Online Zoom Sessions

  • Investment: $40.00 AUD per session

  • Time & Dates 

  • Thursday 11th January 5pm AEDT

  • Saturday 10th February 5pm AEDT

  • Sunday 10th March 4pm AEDT

  • Tuesday 9th April 6am AEST (eclipse)

  • Wednesday 8th May 4pm AEST 

  •  How to Join or find out more information: email

Why Choose New Moon Manifestation & Heal Gatherings?

  • Amplified Manifestation:

    • New Moons signify a time of new beginnings and heightened manifestation energy.

    • Leverage this cosmic window to amplify the manifestation of your desires.

  • Community Connection:

    • Join a supportive community of individuals on a shared journey of manifestation and growth.

  • Personalized Healing:

    • Experience personalized energy healing tailored to support the manifestation of your unique intentions.

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