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Are you missing your hands on energy treatments because you can’t get to see a practitioner? 


Have you tried absent/ distant healing?

At JSWC we  offer absent/distant healing for individuals by zoom or by phone. We can use a combination of Reiki, Seichim, Karuna ®Reiki and Soul Light symbols  as they are all energy therapies and can be combined to give 

you a more personalised treatment. 

Investment is AUD$50.00 for a 30 minute consultation. 

On Wednesdays (AEDT) or the 1st of the month we offer free group healing, all you need to do to be included is to get in touch with us by email to 

put your name down on the list. 


How is absent/distant healing sent?  ​

In each healing modality there is a sequence of steps using specific symbols to activate the absent/distant healing so it can be sent successfully. As the modalities are all based on energy it can be beamed around the world with no barriers. 


Bookings are required. Please email us at 

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