Embracing your Holistic journey – Project Lotus (This workshop will be available online)


In this workshop you will be introduced to holistic practises that can be used to help you with working through every day life and challenges.

Releasing techniques: Clearing negativity in the physical and emotional using sage, holy water, sound, guided meditation and full moon releasing lists.

Manifesting techniques: New moon wish lists, guided meditation, visualisation practises and affirmations.


Physical body: Crystals’s and Chakra’s We look at the different crystal formations, how to cleanse and program  your crystals and we cover all the different chakra’s and their benefits.


Spirit: Intuition and the different ways to strengthen your intuition. Archangels- how to call on them and how they can help you? Signs- do you see number patterns or animals all the time? Discover the meaning behind them.

Home environment: Basic Feng Shui learn how to identify and activate the nine sections of your home, to create a peaceful, relaxed and balanced sanctuary.