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Embracing your Holistic journey – Is a two day in-house intensive workshop 

In this workshop you will be introduced to holistic practices that can be used to help you with working through every day life and challenges. Working with the best practices from my book Why? Why Not? These techniques can help you bring balance to the mind, body and spirit. 

Day 1

Releasing Techniques and Healing Attunement

Clutter clearing the physical and emotional through meditation and visualisation

Releasing with the Full Moon and journaling 

Clearing Negativity explaining how sage, holy water and sound can be used

Grounding- techniques and meditation 

Chakras- covering the seven energy centres and correlating body parts

Energy Healing First Degree Reiki or First Degree Seichim 

(depending on the offered workshop)

You will receive an attunement, manual, lineage and certificate

Day 2

Manifesting and Positive Change

Self- Belief and Affirmations - meditations 

Intuition strengthening techniques through cards

Manifesting - New Moon wish lists, visualisation practices

Crystals - cleansing, meanings, programming

Angels, Archangels, Guides - who to call and how they can 

help with everyday situations. Signs - do you see a particular number pattern or animals all the time? Discover the meaning behind them.

Times: 10am - 4pm daily

Investment $444.00 (early bird)

Energy Healing component- manual, lineage, attunement, certificate

Why? Why Not? Paperback copy

Guided Meditations 

Intuitive Guidance Card Deck


Bookings are required. Please email

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